The power of talking and building healthy mindsets

Season 3, Episode 2,   May 10, 2021, 04:32 PM

Join us for the second episode in the latest series of the CharityComms podcast as we continue our deep dive into a topic close to our hearts - Wellbeing.

Guiding us through this episode is guest host Lally Wentworth, CharityComms' very own mentoring manager. And joining her for this episode are special guests; Susie Wright, Digital communications consultant, trainer, coach & facilitator, Deanne Palmer, Head of Brand and Marketing, Mental Health First Aid England, and Anil Ranchod, Head of PR and Press at the Chartered Management Institute.

Tune in as Lally and her guests discuss the power of talking and the importance of and the tools they and their colleagues have put in place to ensure they build wellbeing into their mindsets.

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You can access a full transcription of the podcast here.
And the resources mentioned in the episode are here: The Wheel of Life and My Whole Self free resources

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