ALLEGEDLY - Big Homies House E:61

May 13, 07:18 PM
ALLEGEDLY -  Big Homies House E:66 

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Its Episode 61 of the Big Homies House, and since Cal Boy ghosted us, we got Big Homie Skittlez, Big Homie Erin, and Big Homie Mique kicking it with us today! 

We talk about how justice wasn’t just for Foogiano, Shekinah and Tiny are besties no more? 
Could you power through bubble guts to complete the sneaky link mission???
Should you hold out on the coochie during the talking stage??? All this and more. Join in with the Homies!!!!


This weeks Homies are


2:00 - Foogiano Arrested 

3:10 - Shekinah and Tiny No Longer BFFs 

9:54 - Can You Still Have A Successful Sneaky Link After Bubble Guts???

33:10 - Is A Guy Wrong For Getting Coochie Elsewhere During The “Talking Stage”

37:07 - Should You Keep Your Consistent 🍆 On Call If You’re In The Talking Stage With Someone Else??

49:33 - Are Men Loved Without Being Required To Provide?

53:00 - The “Bad B*tch” Market Is Oversaturated 

1:01:13 - Gender Roles Are Outdated 

1:02:31 -  If Your Bae Ruins The Business You Set Up, Are You Breaking Up With Them??

1:10:01 - Can The IG Model Compete With The Ambitious Business Woman?

1:11:39 - Are You Wrong To Wear An Exes Old Clothes In A New Relationship?

1:18:18 - Would You Be Mad At Your Dude For Balling Out On His Baby Mother For Mothers Day?


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