📢 Artisanal Fisheries & the Art of Unthinking — a conversation with Epifania Amoo-Adare, Nii Ayitey Sackey & Solomon Sampa

Episode 5,   May 17, 2021, 06:13 PM

This EURO–VISION podcast episode examines pelagic extraction with fisherfolk testimonies in conversation with Dr Epifania Amoo-Adare, outlining alternative modes of coexistence, and how we might go about this ‘labour of love’.

Previous episodes have focused on certain measures of conservation in fisheries, such as Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY), which were historically put in place to protect domestic industries rather than fish populations. These measures often reinforce legacies of pelagic extraction. This episode focuses on the situation from the perspective of Ghanian artisanal fisherfolk. Their testimonies are in conversation with Dr Epifania Amoo-Adare, an artist, ‘renegade’ architect, pedagogue and researcher based in Accra (Ghana) who is currently engaged in what she describes as the “art of unthinking”. In this episode, we join Amoo-Adare in the art of unthinking, where the very idea of ‘development’ is questioned in a discussion of Ghana’s depleting marine landscape, the othering of artisanal fishermen, fish mothers and their fishmongers, which ends by the outlining of fundamentally non-extractive alternative modes of coexistence.

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FRAUD (Audrey Samson & Francisco Gallardo)

Original music by Frédéric Laurier
Sound editing by Kitty Turner
Images by Francisca Roseiro

was produced as part of the 5th Istanbul Design Biennial — Empathy Revisited: Designs for more than one, organised by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, and curated by: Mariana Pestana, Sumitra Upham and Billie Muraben.

The EURO—VISION public programme has been commissioned by Arts Catalyst & RADAR.

This public programme has been generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Arts Council England and Acción Cultural Española.