39. Making June plans.

Episode 39,  May 19, 2021, 09:00 AM

gijoe gi joe

The Order of Battle Podcast episode 39 is here!
We’re a month out from JoeFest. Joel and Jason meet to talk about what they’ve gotten in recently, the Mezco hole they’ve both fallen into, and JoeFest. Warning, we gush about Rynoe’s (@rynoe81 on IG) artwork a bunch. A sat down with Jason separately and he listed his JoeFest hopes and is excited to meet the one and only Sgt Slaughter. 

Hopefully you can make it to JoeFest in Augusta, GA. It’s 25-27 June. I know it may be a far trip, but it’s gonna be worth it. The Joe Community does it up right at this show. 

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