Voice of the child with the RFL

Episode 10,   May 20, 2021, 04:43 PM

In this episode, we've teamed up with the RFL Safeguarding Team to delve into the crucial topic of listening to children and young people in sport and how this vital skill can help safeguarding within the sector as well as creating a safer environment within sport.

 Our CPSU Senior Consultant, Liza Ware, is joined by the RFL former Safeguarding Lead Officer, Collete Eden as well as wider members of the RFL Club Welfare team to talk about the Rugby League's Listening Club initiative, how they gained buy-in from stakeholders and how they implement the results of their conversations with sporting young people.

In this podcast, we cover: 

  • the benefits of listening to children and young people in sport
  • how sports clubs can engage with young people and children
  • creating a safer sport culture
  • how to set up a Listening Club
  • involving children and young people in sport club decision making and putting this into practice
  • how listening to club members can inform sport safeguarding policies

Gain valuable insights into the strategies employed by one of the leading UK sports organisation as we navigate the intersection of safeguarding and youth empowerment in the world of rugby and sport. 

Liza Ware – CPSU Senior Consultant
Colette Eden - Former Lead Safeguarding officer for RFL 
Rachel Fox-Kent - RFL Club Welfare Officer
Beth Hughes - RFL Club Welfare Officer
Billy Vaugh - RFL Club Welfare Officer

Please note
This podcast was recorded remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic and the audio clips with club welfare officers were recorded pre pandemic in a live club setting so some of the audio quality does reflect this.


Check out the transcript of this podcast and links to further information on this topic.

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