EP 13: YUNGBLUD - The Rising Punk Rocker Inspiring The Underrated Youth

Episode 13,   May 23, 2021, 02:10 PM

This week I bring you the story of Dominic Harrison aka YUNGBLUD as we follow his journey from a cheeky, outspoken and misunderstood boy from Doncaster in the North of England to becoming a leader of a youth movement and inspiration to the misfits and those often neglected or mistreated within society. We take a look at the musicians that inspired him to explore his outrageous fashion sense and influence his musical tastes such as Freddie Mercury, Oasis and Lady Gaga, the moments that led him to signing his very first record deal leaving behind a potential career in acting or theatre, the relationships he formed along the way with Lewis Capaldi, Machine Gun Kelly and Halsey and we analyse the meaning and story’s behind YUNGBLUD’s music including King Charles, Tin Pan Boy, I Luv Ya Will Ya Marry Me, Parents, Polygraph Eyes, California, Medication, Cotton Candy, Mars and many more.
Thanks for tuning in and enjoy.

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