EP 23: Eminem (Part 1) - Childhood To The Slim Shady EP

Apr 28, 2022, 09:13 AM

In this episode I bring you the 1st of a multiple part episode featuring the modern day king of controversy, Eminem. In what is arguably the most intense and crazy story covered on the podcast so far. We venture into the tormented upbringing of Marshall Mathers as he battles violent and severe bullying that would almost cost him his life, abandonment at the hands of his father, the loss of his beloved Uncle Ronnie, the friendships he formed along the way with his D-12 crew and his hype man Proof, the birth of his daughter Hailie, Eminem's early battle with alcohol and drugs and the toxic relationships with his mother Debbie and wife Kim that would constantly weigh him down.
But through all the pain, disapproval and hard work we follow Eminem's journey as he faces adversity being a white man in an African American dominated genre through the tough and dangerous underground rap battle scene of Detroit where Eminem through his incredible persistence to make it as a hip hop artist, earns himself a recording contract with legendary musician and producer Dr. Dre and his label Aftermath Entertainment. This is one hell of an episode, so strap yourselves in and enjoy.

**WARNING** The following episode contains serious adult themes such as Sexual References, Violence, Suicide, Self Harm and Drug References.

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