Lyrics of their Life

Lyrics of their Life

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Lyrics of their Life is an in depth Music Biography, Documentary and History style podcast that explores the extraordinary lives lived by those that wrote or performed the songs we know and love. In Season 1 we explore the lives and meaning behind the lyrics and music of these legendary musicians including Freddie Mercury, Ed Sheeran, Slash, Robbie Williams, Stevie Nicks, P!nk and Prince. 

We dive into these musicians lives growing up, their struggles and triumphs over their life and career and breakdown their lyrics to discover the meaning behind their music.

We also bring you a weekly mini episode with all of the latest news and events from around the world of music from the past and present day called "The Weekly Mews". Where you can discover all the best new music on the scene, who's topping the charts, my artist of the week, what's making news and every big moment from that week in history.

I'm your host Adam Hampton and This is Lyrics of their Life.