Club Homies ft. Cocktales Podcast & Ducttape Dave - Big Homies House E:63

Episode 63,  May 24, 04:00 PM

 Club Homies ft. Cocktales Podcast & Ducttape Dave -  Big Homies House E:63

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Its Episode 63  of the Big Homies House, and we got Big Homie Medinah and Kiki from the Cocktale Podcast, and Big Homie Ducttape Dave! 

We dig into Nicki Minaj’s newest run on breaking the internet, her re-relaese of Beam Me Up Scottie has everyone going nuts, are you in a groupchat, why or why not? What groovy moves are you pulling out in the bedroom, and do you do it the first time??? 

We also dig into the PETTIEST REASON you’ve broken up with someone , and will you fund your side baes meal, on dinner baes dime???

All this and MORE ! 


This weeks Homies are 


4:15 - Is Nicki Minaj Saving Music This Summer?

6:22 - Would You Accept Your Man Being Barb?

7:00 -  Psychology Of  Groupchats

12:15 - Are You A Gooch Gobbler ???

14:37 -  Do You Pull Out All The Tricks The First Time You’re In The Bed?

19:02 - Are You A Fan Of Golden Showers?

32:42 - Would You Deal With A Virgin In 2021?

34:22 -  Is Going Out On Dates “Paying For 😻”

38:48 -  Is Spending Money REQUIRED On A Good Date?

46:04 - Do You Delete Your Entire Roster Once You’re In A Serious Relationship?

49:49 -  Pettiest Reason You Broke Up With Someone ?

56:28 - Would You Order Food For One Guy, On Another Guys Tab?

1:05:52 -  Does Money Give You More Leeway To Do What You Want In A Relationship?

1:18:35 - How Do You Tell A Woman She Has AN ODOR 

1:21:26 -  Are You Stopping For A Period???


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