JoeFest Mini 02. Guest Mark Pennington

May 24, 2021, 06:00 PM

gijoe gi joe

We’re back with another great update from JoeFest, a Real Augusta Toy Show! 

None other than our community’s own Mark Pennington is going to be a guest at JoeFest this June! Mark is a previous Hasbro designer having worked on the GI Joe toy line in the late 80’s. 

If you aren’t sure who Mark designed, grab whatever your favorite figure was in 88 and 89 and chances are, he’s your guy! Mark’s character designs started showing up in 1987 and he was prolific through 1990. Personally some of my favorites are Hit & Run, Iron Grenadier, v2 Destro, and Hydro-Viper. But honestly, that’s barely scratching the surface! 

And I’m not even bringing up everything he’s done outside of GI Joe...

Bring your comics and file cards to be signed and let him know how much we love his era of GI Joe. I’m hoping he brought some original art and I’ll be begging him to do a piece for me. Who would I ask him to do? Secto-Viper? Techno-Viper? Scoop? V2 Rock N Roll?  Oh no… this is too hard. 

Glad I have 4 weeks to figure it out.

Mark is on Instagram @markpenningtonart, he’s on Facebook and