Bill Brodie Good, CEO & Technical Director of Alien Metals Limited (UFO.L) Interview

May 25, 07:25 AM
 We spoke to Bill last night and he gave us an update of the current work scope the company is undertaking. Today Alien Metals Limited has updated on Phase 2 drilling commences on Hancock Licence, please see below.

Bill Brodie Good, CEO & Technical Director of Alien Metals, commented: " With the recent announcement of our plans to increase our interest in the Hamersley Iron Ore DSO Project from 51% to over 90%, as well as the robust global demand for Iron Ore and its recent price surge, we are really excited to be driving this next Phase of drilling forward at Hancock while continuing to work on the necessary paperwork to commence maiden drilling on the exciting Brockman Licence further west.

"We look forward to updating the market further as we proceed to move the Hamersley projects up the value curve to deliver value for shareholders."