#41 Leading the Sober Curious Movement with Clare Pooley

Episode 41,  Jun 01, 2021, 08:30 AM

Six years ago Clare Pooley was drinking about 90 units of alcohol a week. Fast forward to today and she’s a successful author, fulfilling her life’s dream.

We talk to Clare about how alcohol works as a drug, and how our tolerance to it builds over time, bringing with it- issues of poor sleep, reduced creativity and anxiety. We talk about Clare’s previous career as a senior leader in the booze advertising industry, and how her recklessness while drinking nearly cost her her job. We Discuss the idea of ‘sober curiosity,’ and how people interested in having time without alcohol might reassess their relationship with it.

This conversation provides thought provoking insight into a relationship many Brits have with alcohol that they’re not aware of, and how taking a more mindful approach to consuming alcohol can make you a better leader, and provide many with the opportunity to uncover their full potential. 

Tips for leaders about being more inclusive in the workplace about team bonding without the booze:

  • Ask your team what they’d like to do - don’t assume 
  • Rethink networking and bonding opportunities that are richer in experience - running, walks, health club, theatre trips, afternoon teas, bakeoffs 
  • Be mindful of what you role model. Boozy leaders tend to attract and hire boozy teams which can be an issue in itself for productivity and diversity of thought. 

Clare’s Leadership Essentials:

1. Take a break - Ideally take a 100 days break from all alcohol to give you and your body time to decide mindfully what relationship you want to have with alcohol, rather than the relationship you have fallen into

2. Set yourself rules - once you’ve decided the relationship you’d like to have with alcohol, set strict rules and stick to them

3.  Keep an eye on it - Be mindful about why and when you are drinking. If you can’t stick to step one you might want to reconsider the benefits of quitting.

Useful Links:

You Tube: https://www.ted.com/talks/clare_pooley_making_sober_less_shameful Website & Book: https://clarepooley.com/