Davinia Taylor: 13 Years Sober

Jun 14, 06:00 AM
Welcome to Over The Influence, Series 3! 

We're Sharon, Freddie and Ben, three normal people who decided to give up alcohol to see how our lives would change. We're not medical experts but we are expert ex-drinkers, and our podcast brings people together who are on their own alcohol-free journeys by celebrating just how wonderful life without booze can be!

In this episode we chat to Davinia Taylor, who is 13 years sober after giving up alcohol at the end of her twenties. You might recognise Davinia's name - she first appeared on Hollyoaks as party girl Jude Cunningham in 1996 and was always in the papers as part of the Primrose Hill set. She's now a Sunday Times Bestselling Author with her book "It's Not a Diet" and in our chat with her, she talks about the relationship between giving up alcohol and general good health.

After her Mum tragically died from breast cancer, Davinia started looking more in to the science of how her body worked. She did a hormone test and discovered that she was dopamine driven, and that her body could metabolise alcohol really well... It was actually there, in her DNA! Davinia is hugely passionate about understanding how the body works, particularly in relation to how what you eat affects your mental state - by feeding her body the right things, she's feeding her mind the right things, all of which contributes to her maintaining her sobriety.

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