21. Clay Roth: Spirituality, Bypassing, and Psychosis

Jun 14, 2021, 08:59 PM

What's the difference between Spirituality, Spiritual Bypassing, and Psychosis? What are woo-woo and out-of-touch spiritual concepts versus grounded and rooted curiosity and wonder for the magic of life?

Join us today for this very interesting conversation as we tread territory into this slippery subject matter. We do our best to work out some of our own queries about how to balance a spiritual life while still keeping a solid grasp on reality. 

Clay Roth is a mental health advocate, therapist-in-training, former comedian, as well as TEDx speaker. She has split the last decade between writing, performing, completing two master's degrees, and managing communications for clean technology solutions, including Stockt App which she co-founded and is CEO of.

Music produced by Saint Soldier - https://www.saintsoldiermusic.com/
Music Vocals: Shantih Ma/Rózsa/Ravi Gill/Saint Soldier

Connect with Shantih Ma: https://linktr.ee/shantih_ma
Clay Roth: @clay.nikiforuk
Watch TEDx here: https://www.ted.com/talks/clay_nikiforuk_rethinking_the_story_of_mental_illness