41. The Timber of Shirts and RAMs

Episode 41,  Jun 16, 2021, 09:00 AM

gijoe gi joe

The Order of Battle Podcast episode 41 is here!
Inundated with toy announcements and preorders, Joel and Jason talk about Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Mezco Rumble Society, and of course GI Joe! It is no surprise how happy they are with Timber, Vapor, Roadblock, and more. 

They announce some shirt and sticker news, talk articulation, and are stressed out at how close to JoeFest it is. Hopefully you stop by the table, grab stickers, buy one of the limited shirts, and just Talk Toys. 

As mentioned at the end of each episode, the logo was made by Rynoe. In this episode, the boys also talk about other Rynoe art and express their love of his work. You can find Rynoe on Instagram @rynoe81. You should definitely know him in the Joe community and follow his art! 

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