The Weird and Unusual Days of Summer

Jun 22, 01:59 AM

How do you measure summer: Meteorologically or astronomically?

Meteorological summer starts on June 1 and runs to August 31. Astronomical summer starts on the summer solstice, which this year was June 20, and lasts until September 22.

One of the ways to locate days on the Weird Holidays & Observances page is via the Jump to a Month section. The table categorizes months by seasons, which are then grouped meteorologically.

Although I never knew that when I set it up. I knew it wasn’t quite in line with the astronomical tracking, but that would’ve been hard to do. Instead, I just organized them how it seems most people view winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Or, as I now know, meteorologically.

Even though I’m posting this after June 1, in keeping with how the days are listed on the Weird Holidays & Observances page, I’ll start at the beginning of June anyway. Because there are some good days I don’t want to leave out.

I won’t cover all of the weird days in each summer month (June, July, and August). This is more like a highlight reel of the best ones.

To see them all, or to see what else is in the other seasons, visit the Weird Holidays & Observances page.

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