Star Trek: The Next Generation - Qpid

Jun 26, 11:20 PM

The infamous “Q” returns with one goal on his mind: to get Captain Picard laid, as the Apocalypse Video Trek Cast discusses Season 4, Episode 20 of Star Trek: The Next Generation - “Qpid”.

Captain’s Log Stardate: 44741.9

With the perverted exploits of Lt. Reginald Barclay behind us, the Apocalypse Video Trek Cast can now move on to Season 4 of Star Trek: The Next Generation with Episode 20’s “Qpid”. To say that I’m a little worried about the return of everyone’s favorite omnipotent trickster would be a massive understatement. What will Q bring us this time? Pig faced soldiers armed with muskets? An impromptu appearance from a Mariachi band?! Or perhaps...the horniest episode of TNG that we’ve seen to date? I await Q’s appearance with bated breath…

I’m your host, Dave, and joining me again are fellow Trek fans and Merry co-hosts, Mike and Jackie.

Topics covered in this assignment include the tricky balance of handling work and horniness; we explain how to properly use the Risa “DTF” Statue; and finally, we wonder if Q’s interest in Picard veers more into the romantic realm than he’s lead on.

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The Apocalypse Video Trek-Cast will return with “Darmok”. This is your Captain, Dave, reminding you that the Risa statue is currently outside my quarters - so please do not disturb me for the next 15-20 minutes.