Kirsty Elliott

Jul 05, 11:30 PM
Hello and welcome to Episode 27 of That Yoga Woman’s Podcast. A podcast where yogis, yoga teachers and studio owners share stories of their lives on and off the mat. 

I’m Jules Buchanan, a yoga teacher and your host. 

This week I’m talking to Kirsty Elliot.

Kirsty is based down in Dorset and is founder of The Yoga Within. She runs weekly classes in local villages…places like Berwick St John, Motcombe, Fontmell Magna and Iwerne Minster - they sound so picturesque don’t they! She’s also, like many of us, continuing her online classes for the time being via zoom so I’ll be asking what her thoughts are on that and the future of online yoga classes. As well as weekly classes, Kirsty runs monthly workshops at an old redeveloped mill space and participates in an annual festival in Shaftesbury, which brings yoga, pilates and qi-gong for free to the local community over the summer in conjunction with the local council. I’m interested to hear more about how that came about and understand whether it is something that other yoga teachers might be able to replicate in their local area. 

As well as being a busy yoga teacher with a thriving business (her classes are fully booked every week) Kirsty is a married Mum of two young children and has 3 dogs so I’ll be asking her how she finds running her business alongside her family commitments. 

Kirsty predominantly teaches Dru Yoga (alongside yoga nidra) and this isn’t something I know much about so I’m keen to understand more about what her classes are like. Kirsty is also a reiki master so, as well as finding out more about how she got into yoga and subsequently became a teacher…I’d also like to know when she started reiki and how she blends the two areas together. 

She’s also really into horses - I’m not sure how else you’d say that without it sounding a bit odd but I read that she was a professional horse rider and last year she worked with her local Riding for the Disabled Association to develop yoga sessions with horses which were a great success so I’ll ask her what that was like too. 

I really hope you enjoy listening to our conversation…

Listeners, you can contact Kirsty through her website or through her Facebook page @theyogawithin 

Her Savasana Sounds is a track by Ashana called Ave Maria and she also loved Jack Johnson’s version of Imagine. 

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