Sean Flannery: Xavier Basketball Grad Assistant, Breaking NCAA Records, USA Basketball, Winning State Titles, & Overcoming Obstacles

Season 1, Episode 11,   Jul 09, 2021, 10:00 AM

In this episode, Sean Flannery, who was born into a basketball family, joins the show to discuss all that he has learned and enjoyed throughout his time as a stud basketball player, studying and adjusting his craft. Son of USA/Saint Ed's basketball coach, Sean understood the game from an early age and worked tirelessly to become the dynamic point guard that he has been! At just 5'9" tall, Sean defies the odds with his awareness of the game, so much so that he won two state titles at Saint Edward High School of Ohio. Even more, in his senior year of college, Sean led the entire NCAA with the highest assist to turnover ratio, with over 4 assists per turnover! Tune in to this episode to hear what Sean has to say about working with D1 programs like Xavier University, playing alongside his very own brother, overcoming obstacles and turning them into growth opportunities, and anything and everything basketball. You don't want to miss his fascinating stories!

NOTE: This episode abruptly ends due to an unfortunate power outage due to a storm that rolled through during our interview. Nonetheless, enjoy, and please subscribe and leave a review! 

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