42. The Joe Fest of Battle Experience

Episode 42,  Jul 14, 2021, 09:00 AM

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The Order of Battle Podcast episode 42 is here!
Where to start? Where to end? Joe Fest 2021 is done and dusted but we’re still feeling high!

Joel met up with Jason and A in Augusta Georgia for Joe Fest (4th) 2021. Rynoe joined the boys along with 5000+ other GI Joe fans. The show was Friday 25 June through Sunday 27 June, but we were there communing with our tribe Thursday through Monday, for an extra bit of refueling the old life systems. 

It’s not the traditional family vacation, but being with your tribe sharing your hunts, breaking bread, clinking glasses, laughing and embellishing stories is what keeps the fires burning if you’re a toy and comics collector. 

Here are some amazing creative people and things you should check out: 
Call Sign Longbow : https://cslongbow.com/
James Duffy’s DioDisplays : https://www.diodisplay.com/
James Kavanaugh Jr’s RAHC Guides : https://www.rahcguide.com/
Spero Toys Animal Warriors of the Kingdom : https://sperotoys.com/
Complex Base Building System : http://www.complexbases.com/
After Action Report : https://afteractionreport.net/

Join our conversation and start looking at the next shows in your area, region, or get in a car/plane and come out to one you’ve always heard about. The Order of Battle’s next show is Kentuckiana in Louisville Kentucky at the end of July. Where’s yours? 

Kentuckiana: www.kygijoe.com

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