Zach Kasian: Mourning Beloved Dead, Dogecoin to the Moon, Video Games are Social, & Overcoming Depression

Season 1, Episode 12,   Jul 16, 2021, 10:00 AM

In this episode, Zach Kasian joins "Chats with Clark" for a conversation that encompassed death, video games, and meme stocks like Dogecoin (or are they memes?). Zach shares powerful stories, like the time when he introduced himself to the dad of a late friend, for whose family Zach had raised funds. These raw stories coincide the laughter found when discussing Dogecoin and the stock market, video games and their social aspect, and the powerful dynamic of social media. Social media plays the part of being a highlight reel but also a self-help cornucopia. Tune in to hear how Zach raises awareness for those improving their mental health, as well as Zach's life mottos: be kind, and smile more.

"Treat each person like that person is the first person you've encountered that day."

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