Parker Shannon: CEO of Sowsh, Elon Musk's Influence, Transferring Colleges, & Planting Trees!

Season 1, Episode 13,   Jul 23, 2021, 10:00 AM

In this episode, CEO of Sowsh, Parker Shannon, joins "Chats with Clark" to discuss his latest entrepreneurial endeavor. A man who has owned a few businesses throughout his life so far, Shannon is working to improve the wasteful business card industry by making technological ones; except, there's a twist! His company Sowsh allows users to share their phone number, email, and all social media platforms/web-links in one simple tap! Not to mention, for each product sold, Sowsh works with a nonprofit that plants a tree! Tune in to see how Elon Musk has influenced Shannon, as with most young entrepreneurs, along with Shannon's journey through transferring colleges and still maintaining his business.

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