712: Vampire (Creepypasta πŸ¦‡) | Four Horror Poems

Jul 23, 12:00 AM
Vampire (Creepypasta πŸ¦‡) | Four Horror Poems
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Thank you for joining me this Friday, and today is jam packed with tales – well more aptly, One Creepy Pasta about Mystery, Vamipers, and Cults, followed up like a creepylicious dessert are four poems – each with their own dark theme, and each with a unique spin to them – one of them also being a HP Lovecraft poem. Now listeners the first story is explicit, not, for little ears.
It covers content involving family abuse, sexual discrimination, and racism. Nothing too strong I believe, but I also felt it pertinent for me to mention it. Alright folks, turn the lights off, the sound up, and let’s listen to something creepy.
Stories links:
Rise Boreal: The Vampire Murders by AudreyOwO (grammar alterations)
The Ballad of Loneliness by FlakyPorcupine
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