43. After Action Follow Up Report

Episode 43,   Jul 28, 2021, 09:00 AM

gi joe


The Order of Battle Podcast episode 43 is here!

Roger Taft and Josh Eggebeen were once again able to sit down with us to discuss their Herculean project, After Action Report, vol 1: Marvel Era 1982-1996. But this time it’s not a Kickstarter dream hoping to be reality. This time it’s reality and we’re just waiting on a pallet of books from China to the US! 

The conversation goes beyond volume one, looking at their roadmap of volume two - five. We talk about crazy foreign versions with wild deviations from Hama’s versions, uncovering truths about how the books were made, and comics professionals who are on board with this endeavor. 

You seriously do not want to miss this series of Reference Guides even if you aren’t a big comic book collector. It’s going to be as important as Bellamy, RAHC, DeClassified, Action Figure Archive, and others. 

I’m going to be chasing Roger and Josh for many years to come, begging them to give us more and more secrets and anecdotes as they continue educating our community in the realm of GI Joe comic books and appearances. 

If you didn’t kickstart the guide, you can buy it here: 

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