Nick Kosir: The Social Media Superstar

Jul 26, 10:02 AM
Welcome to Over The Influence, Series 3!

We're Sharon, Freddie and Ben, three normal people who decided to give up alcohol to see how our lives would change. We're not medical experts but we are expert ex-drinkers, and our podcast brings people together who are on their own alcohol-free journeys by celebrating just how wonderful life without booze can be!

In this episode we chat to a man with over 4 million followers on Instagram and TikTok... The absolutely bloody wonderful Nick Kosir!

Nick is a meteorologist in America, and shot to viral worldwide fame as The Dancing Weatherman! He gave up alcohol nearly four years ago, and we loved chatting to him because he completely epitomises what we're all about here at Over The Influence... He's positive, he's energetic, and he absolutely bloody loves alcohol free life!

Nick didn't have a rock bottom, but started to realise that he wasn't drinking responsibly... Drinking had become a crutch for him, and he realised that he needed to knock it on the head. However, it didn't happen for him first time... He had four or five goes before it stuck. This chat is positive, but it's also full of honesty too, which again is what we're all about here at Over The Influence!

He didn't talk about his negative relationship with alcohol until he was a few years in to his journey, but earlier this year he posted a video on his socials to talk about his addiction and its now racked up hundreds of thousands of views. Nick is a shining example of how alcohol free life is anything but boring, and we hope you're buzzing as much after listening to this episode as we were after recording it!

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