Impacts of inter-communal conflicts in Western Equatoria State on Civil population

Jul 31, 08:23 AM
Western Equatoria State like many other states in South Sudan was adversely affected by the 2013-2018 wars. Availability of small arms in the hand of civilians have emboldened the militarized youth and made it easy for the youth to recourse to use of arms to settle differences in among themselves. 

Communities in Western Equatoria have coexisted peacefully for decades. And whenever there was a conflict there were always traditional mechanisms to resolve communal conflicts in the traditional setting. Theses traditional mechanisms have now lost relevance.

participants on the roundtable included:

1.    Hon. Pascal Bandindi MP in RTNLA representing Tambura County WES 
2.    Edmond Yakani Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization v
3.    Hon. Daniel Bandagbu, former Governor of Gbudue State 
4.    Col Lam Paul SPLA-IO Spokesperson