Mark Chambers - Bolt FM

Season 1, Episode 11,  Aug 10, 2021, 03:30 PM

In this episode I talk with Mark Chambers, the radio coordinator of Bolt FM.
Bolt FM are based in the East End of Glasgow and make radio for young people by young people. 
They’ve been serving their community for 20 years now and making all sorts of difference to young people’s lives. 
Mark talks about Bolt FM’s work in the East End, and how they’ve made contact with communities in Zambia, where they have an exchange programme which takes young Scots to Zambia and young Zambians to Scotland. 

Our conversation covers loads of ground, taking in Scots linguistic identity and broadcast culture, amongst many other topics.  

Tales Fae the East is an artist in residence project from Glasgow Life.  I share the position with Tim Morozzo who will be taking photo portraits of the participants.
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Photo of Mark by Tim Morozzo

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