Everyday 'Inner Work' with Brian Bachand

Season 1,   Aug 23, 2021, 09:00 AM

In this weeks episode John & Rachael are joined by fellow coach Brian Bachand, founder of evolution, evolution. 

We discover what stands behind his mantra: “When you stand in your truth, embrace what is in your heart, then you are free to evolve.” A former Roman Catholic Priest, Brian talks openly about what he learnt from working in the Vatican, how he uses that knowledge in his coaching to help new CEO’s develop their leadership style.

We ask him about the types of challenges professional leaders and new CEO’s face, and how he helps them navigate the boardroom, and the similarities that can be drawn from the playground.

Some of the sound bites and useful insights for first time CEO’s and those wanting to progress into senior leadership roles include: 

- What to do when you have that inner feeling that “there’s something else."
- How to recognise that you are “Going Netflix.” Where you keep replaying scenarios over and over and unhelpful thoughts auto play into other parts of life 
- The art of asking the question “What do you desire?” Again and again.

Brian’s Leadership Essentials:

1. Practice ‘inner work’ everyday. Whatever form that is will help you create the clarity you need to develop the world you desire to have

2. Relationships, that help people feel joyfulness and challenge will help people succeed at a different level.

3. Follow the joy. When the joy is missing its more a reflection on yourself than what’s happening around you.

Brian kindly shares how he maintains his own leadership essentials on a daily basis - we get in the scope on his daily rituals and practices.