Eating disorders 5 - Creating positive cultures in sport

Episode 16,   Sep 10, 2021, 08:40 AM

In this concluding episode of our insightful podcast series, Carolyn Plateau guides us though the pivotal topic of cultivating positive cultures in sports regarding food, weight and shape.

Join us for this compelling discussion on reshaping narratives and promoting holistic approaches to support athletes in their joinery towards a balanced and positive relationship with food and body image. 

Our final episode of this series talks about: 

  • how to promote healthy weight and eating practices in sport
  • normalising conversations about healthy weight and nutrition 
  • getting a positive message across to parents about nutrition and wellbeing 
  • considering the type of language used within your sport club and organisation around food and body image
  • how to embed safe practice around weight monitoring
  • the importance of supportive relationships 
Please note:

This content may be sensitive to some individuals, it may bring up distressing memories, thoughts or feelings. If you need further support or know someone who might need support you can find links to organisations that can provide emotional support below.

The CPSU would like to thank Dr Carolyn Plateau, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Loughborough University and former 800 metre international athlete. for being part of this journey into body image, weight and eating disorders in sport.

Carole Billington-Wood – CPSU Senior Consultant
Dr Carolyn Plateau - Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Loughborough University

Helplines and support
You can view the transcript of this podcast here and access links to further information on this topic.