Ghostwriter xtra, 9.19.21 - John Huckert. Paranormal pot luck: Pets, Shadow People, Portals and Hugs

Sep 16, 06:02 PM

The Ghostwriter house continues to be extremely active. The source of all of the activity apparently has yet to be determined.

This is the segment with John Huckert I could not include in the broadcast version due to time constraints.

FYI: Both the polaroid camera and film have been discontinued. The ghost written lettered images are no more - but the paranormal activity - present before "Wright" made an entrance - has not stopped.

John says there are regular encounters with shadow people, non-corporeal human forms and phantom hugs. This segment includes all of that and the story about the dog who seems to validate what psychic Peter James suggested about a body being buried on the property.

Does anyone really want to know the rest of that story? For now it seems to be a case of "let sleeping dogs lie" ...

Full interview with John Huckert:

Book Trailer: YouTube