John Huckert, 9.19.21 - Ghostwriter: The Polaroid Ghost, "Wright" delivers a paranormal tour de force

Sep 16, 04:39 PM

"In this extensively researched and authoritative book, Joe Augustyn acknowledges the religion of skepticism while placing its proponents in a realistic perspective. But what would skeptics make of this indisputable evidence supporting survival of consciousness after death? This is an essential volume for any serious seeker in the understanding of the paranormal." - Dan Aykroyd: Hotel Paranormal, Ghostbusters, The Blues Brothers

Joe Augustyn’s book is GHOSTWRITER: The Polaroid Ghost & Other True Tales of the Paranormal. Amazon. The story has been featured on several TV shows, including Sightings, Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, My Ghost Story and Unexplained Mysteries and has not been debunked.

Ghostwriter tells the true, behind-the-scenes story with over 150 intriguing Polaroids, most which have never been published or exhibited.

"The ghost or spirit calls himself “WRIGHT”. He shows signs of erudition and intelligence, writing many of his messages in Latin. The ghost first appeared on film in March 1992."


Joe witnessed many encounters in the Ghostwriter house. He opens with his own paranormal history - growing up in a haunted house - unusual circumstances that might play a role in the tragic death of a brother and other accounts.

John Huckert lives in the "Wright" house and was present when the script developed on the first image. He has lots of stories about what it was like to witness that initial message and then observe as various groups showed up to investigate the case - each attempting to capture the ghost in action or debunk the story.

Paranormal activity, present prior to the appearance of "Wright" continues.  Unfortunately, the specific camera and film used to capture the ghost writing has been discontinued and subsequent attempts to capture writing with the newer models has been unsuccessful.

Given that several thousand ghost photos were captured, the images in this book offer a very small window into an extraordinary encounter. Should we anticipate another book? Or two? I look forward to seeing what develops.

Amazon Review:
5.0 out of 5 stars - Ghost polaroids revealed
The book has lots of great photos and personal stories. I think its a very well written and detailed account of one of the most provocative house hauntings in American history. Well researched and persuasive in its narrative, here finally is what I’ve wondered about for over two decades, the untold true story of the “ghost writer” case.

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*There is an additional segment about the dog who seems to affirm what the psychic said about a body being buried on the property. Link.