47. Crisis on Infinite Podcasts (pt 2 - Anything Joes)

Sep 22, 11:36 AM

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The Order of Battle Podcast episode 47 is here!

Part two of our Podcast Collaboration with Greg and Jaren from Anything Joes. We were on episode 26 of their podcast and now we finish up that conversation here on Order of Battle. 

Anything Joes is a podcast where Greg has been collecting GIJoe for over twenty years and Jaren just started. These two are hilarious and help us plumb the depths of cartel kidnappings and looking at GIJoe as a whole while coming into it from a Star Wars perspective. 

You should subscribe to Anything Joes and add them to your GIJoe rotation. Here’s their episode 26, featuring Joel, A, and Jason: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/crisis-on-infinite-podcasts-part-1-order-of-battle/id1516890698?i=1000535221076

Anything Joes can be found on Instagram and Twitter @Anythingjoespod and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/anythingjoespod/

Now let's jump into part two of CRISIS ON INFINITE PODCASTS:

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