Spirituality and Politics - THE 'ART OF THINKING' Greg Scorzo with Rick Repetti.

Episode 13,   Sep 29, 2021, 05:34 PM

In this podcast, Greg Scorzo talks to professor of philosophy Dr Rick Ripetti, who teaches at The City University of New York. They discuss the veridicality of supernatural experiences, the tensions between philosophy and religious mysticism, why extremists see themselves as holding the moral high ground, how to discuss politics in an era of extreme political polarisation, whether Rand's philosophy is collectivist, the epistemic virtues of the political spectrum, sophistry, whether identity politics is a religion, marginalisation and narcissism, special pleading fallacies, progressivism and elitism, the ethics of describing people as “having been manipulated”, the complexity of Donald Trump, and the pros and cons of mindfulness.
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