Allegedly... we have a whistle blower

Episode 10,   Sep 30, 2021, 11:13 PM

Another day, another deep dive... except today's episode features a VERY special guest: Larry Ross. ⁣
Who is Larry? A former Beachbody Coach turned whistle blower. In this interview, Larry spills the beans on their 2 and a half year journey with Beachbody. How it affected them, how they were groomed, manipulated, tricked, scammed, and put into $50k worth of debt... and a lifetime of healing. Larry's interview starts at 36:00!⁣
We want to say a HUGE thank you to Larry for being brave enough to share their journey not only as a former BB hun but also as a transgender, non-binary individual. We love you Larry. ⁣
On this episode, we also dive into Red Dress and their alleged fat shaming, Sisterstudio's red flags, the FTC's timeline, DAD's threats (or lack there of), and GG's appearance on the JUICY SCOOP PODCAST! ⁣
Please go give Larry a follow at @Larryross1.0 ⁣
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