Be More Wrong! with Colin Hunter

Season 1,   Oct 04, 2021, 11:03 AM

In this weeks podcast John & Rachael are joined by CEO of Potential Squared, Colin Hunter. Colin is also the author of the new book: 'Be More Wrong.'

In this episode we discuss with Colin how experiencing failure or not living up to his family ambitions allowed him to dance to his own tune, in his own life and rhythm. Colin discusses how he makes it his life work to help people use these 'screw ups' to turn things around in life and in business. It’s a wonderful conversation to take a new look at leadership, how you lead a team by embracing micro failures.

We talk about strengths, building resilience, how to have difficult conversations, asking yourself if it’s worth having a difficult conversations or if you just want to get something off your chest? Colin gives his tips on role playing difficult conversations and the real value this drives for leaders.

We talk about Andrew Websters design thinking, and how we can leave ego and expertise at the door, coming up with insights and ideas and test them using small experiments. Tips include how do you warm your team up daily? And how playground games like rock paper scissors can work really well in the workplace?

Leadership Essentials:

1. Squirrel - to keep your radar open for new ideas or approaches 

2. Mentoring - if you are not mentoring two or other people as a leader you’re not doing the right thing

3. Use an advisory board - have a few people you recruit for difference that can spot when you are screwing up, but can also help you be more wrong, more frequently. Noses in fingers out or noses in fingers in. It’s best to have mix of both!