Ozlem Tuskan on Resilience, Agility and The Power of Soft Skills

Season 2, Episode 8,  Oct 08, 2021, 12:09 PM

Our Back to the F**kture series asks renowned thinkers to put foresight predictions under the hindsight spotlight. This month Martin Raymond speaks to Ozlem Tuskan, founder of the conscious female coaching and entrepreneur accelerator The Resilient.  She has launched her own academy and private business coaching programme to help brands tackle future challenges and create winning brand strategies.

In this episode, Ozlem describes how she connects the hard skills of creating a future-fit brand value with the soft skills of conscious and resilient leadership to accelerate income and amplify impact. She also explains how resilience is about listening, learning and drawing your strength from the kinds of soft skills that many of us understand and appreciate – kindness, collaboration and creativity. Tune in to episode 8 now.