Devolved Leadership with Andy Copsey

Season 1,   Oct 18, 2021, 09:00 AM

In this weeks episode Rachael & John are joined by Andy Copsey Ex-Chief Operating Officer for Handelsbanken UK. Andy shares his early experiences of Leadership and how he contrasts the changes when moving to Handelsbanken in 2001. 

He explains how they adopted a Devolved Leadership model from Jan Wallander and how its appeal intoxicated Andy, as he grew the start-up bank in the UK.

Andy speaks very eloquently about the differences with established competitor banks, as he led a decentralised operation where his P&L, and his team decision making capabilities made them very accountable to their actions. A bank that employed people on their values and trustworthiness without a traditional bonus structure was an unusual business; yet it became very successful, and whilst quite unforeseen, managed to withstand the 2008 Banking crisis in a way that astounded people and organisations with a more purist approach and outlook.

Andy shares his thoughts on a number of leadership principles; the importance of a true equality, diversity & inclusive approach. He remarks on how broad and deep people’s range of skills and abilities are in the sector, making them fantastic all-rounders.

We ask Andy what’s next now that he moves onto the next chapter of his career, he says he will always work, so what exactly does someone do after a 38-year career, once they’ve been given 60 hours a week back; Andy shares his 6 things to do in 60 hours.

Andy’s Leadership Essentials: (1:15:00)

1. The start of any meaningful relationship: One of mutual trust and respect

2. Understanding peoples core values & principles: Recruit and develop people with these in mind. So that they may give the best of themselves

3. Leading from behind: Give your people space & time to create their own futures and ways of working. Your role as a leader is to help create an environment that helps them achieve their long-term career potential.