49. Drowning in the PreOrder Seas

Episode 49
Oct 20, 09:00 AM

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The Order of Battle Podcast episode 49 is here!

As BBTS, Mezco, Target, MTF Vietnam, HasbroPulse, and other preo-rder costs all start to hit the card all at once we are also excited to see the drop of the RoboSkull MKII Kickstarter! But it is all hitting fast and furious. Joel and Jason discuss the wonderful, yet trying, time to be a collector. It’s a flood of amazing toys these days. 

Also, Jim Beard’s new DC Jones (aka GIJoe Adventure Team) book is out! It’s here and all three boys are excited to dig into the pages of Jim’s exciting world. 

You should really support both of these incredible community based and built items. The book and the vehicle. 

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