Sculpting Lives Season Two Trailer

Season 2,  Oct 25, 2021, 07:00 AM

Launching on 2nd November 2021, the second series of the Sculpting Lives podcast features episodes on Dora Gordine, Gertrude Hermes, Veronica Ryan, Alison Wilding and Cathie Pilkington. At a moment when public sculpture is the subject of contentious debate, the final episode of the second series focuses on questions of gender, public sculpture and display, and explores women’s representation — both as subjects and artists — in our public spaces and exhibitions.

Each episode is recorded in places that are significant for the women sculptors featured — their studios, as well as galleries and public places where their work is on display — and includes new interviews with curators, friends, family and the artists themselves, creating intimate soundscapes of their private and public worlds. 

The @SculptingLives Instagram feed contains more information about the podcast and the artists and artworks featured in it.

Sculpting Lives is a podcast series written and presented by Jo Baring (Director of the Ingram Collection of Modern British & Contemporary Art) and Sarah Victoria Turner (Deputy Director at the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art in London).