Bits & Pieces Bonus Episode

Season 2, Episode 7,  Oct 26, 01:37 AM

It's an end-of-season wrap-up with leftovers that were just too juicy to waste!

Do you ever tinker with making or crafting stuff? What do you do with the leftover scraps? Toss them? Save them for another project? Repurpose them somehow? 

I was left with some odds and ends after putting together this first official themed season here on the Haunt Jaunts podcast. 

Say what? Leftovers of unsolved murders, ghosts, vampires, psychics, creepy haunted houses, and the devil? How can that be?

I’ll show you as we embark on officially wrapping up the Haunting American True Crimes series with this bits and pieces bonus episode.

Here's some of what we examine:

  • What the years 1977 and 1990 have in common
  • How often Unsolved Mysteries episodes popped up
  • Psychic scammers named Uwanawich
  • Debunking the story of John and Wayne Carter, the alleged ghost vampire brothers of New Orleans (who never really existed)
  • The Westerfeld dollhouse replica, the Laughing Sal Replica and the Westfield Watcher house
  • Devil Anse Hatfield, another case of a devil who never stood trial
  • Serial killers, Satanic Panic and the degree of the devil

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Host & Guide

Courtney Mroch


SCP-x7x (6th Floor) by Kevin MacLeod

Mysterioso March by Kevin MacLeod