Joe Namy: Sound Clash from the Eighth Automobile LDN | Gallery 31: Temporary Compositions

Oct 27, 10:55 AM

Studios resident Joe Namy presents sound work Sound Clash from the Eighth Automobile LDN as part of Somerset House Studios' new Gallery 31 exhibition Temporary Compositions, available to listen to online for the duration of the show. 

Comprising of audio documentation from Namy’s ongoing performance piece Automobile (2012-2021) for cars with souped up sound systems - so far performed over eight iterations in Beirut (2012 and 2013), Mannheim (2014), Gwangju (2016), Montreal (2016), Toronto (2017), Abu Dhabi (2019), and London (2019) - the sound piece was recorded during the Eighth Automobile in 2019 as part of Art Night, on top of a Sainsbury's car park and later in the basement of the Mall car park in Walthamstow.

Exhibition visitors are encouraged to listen to Namy's sound work within the gallery space as an accompaniment to Bass Stance (Automobile), a printed voile curtain installation piece included as part of the Temporary Compositions show.


Recorded by Joe Namy and Reduced Listening with help from Holly Shuttleworth.

Including interviews with (by order of appearance):

Too Sweet Vibes Machine
Ramone Roper aka Brown Van International
Tas aka Yellow Bird Sound
CJ Potter and CJ’s dad Chris Potter
Noel aka Put Put
Kerry Sinclair aka Nuclear Sound
Jamie Bryer
Lee Quested
James Mohr
Phil Macey aka Team Ice
Alexandro Santos Escobar aka Like a Boss Sound


Curated by Stella Sideli, Temporary Compositions explores the interrelationship between people, sounds and signals and the rhythms and patterns that form within them, reflecting on different approaches to being and being together. What new meanings and modalities can be created within communal settings, through collective experiences and collaborative processes?

Featuring video, sound, sculptural and textile works by Abbas Zahedi, Phoebe Davies, Joe Namy and Sonya Dyer, each work in the show sees a coming together of individuals, organically or involuntarily, sparking and creating momentary connections, movements and cultures.

Gallery 31 is an exhibition space dedicated to the work of Somerset House Studios and its residency programmes. The gallery is open all year round, hosting up to four exhibitions per year in collaboration with guest curators.