The Good Glow with Mel Robbins

Season 10, Episode 8,  Nov 14, 2021, 12:05 AM

Mel Robbins, one of the most booked speakers in the world, joins me on The Good Glow. Mel changed her life in her 40s by changing her habits and her mission is to teach us, how to do the same.  She struggled with anxiety, panic attacks and the impact of untreated childhood trauma for 35 years. For decades, she trash talked and shamed herself. She let perfectionism , anxiety and people pleasing take over. Now with over 2 million copies of her books sold, 26 million views on her Ted Talk, it's time to make way for her new book The High Five Habit.

Backed by science, Mel is encouraging everyone all over the world to start your day by giving yourself a high five. She says by making that tiny adjustment to your morning routines, we can take steps towards the life we want.

Please note there is a mention of suicide in this episode. To speak to a Samaritan please call 116 123

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