51. Assembly Required Codename: RoboSkull

Episode 51
Nov 17, 10:00 AM

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The Order of Battle Podcast episode 51

Jay was just in Des Moines, Iowa for the annual GIJoe show,  Codename: Iowa (Assembly Required). He spent four days enjoying a one day show with Joe friends from all over the country and is reporting back the experience. 

Grindstone Toys and their upcoming O-Ring action figure line Callsign: Longbow was there. So was Raginspoon with Complex building system, AVAC Labs, HypnoShield, Joe Declassified, James Kavanaugh Jr, many, many others and the Kickstarter that just ended at over 608 thousand dollars, Skeletron with their RoboSkull. 

Jason discusses it all and is already excited for Assembly Required 2022! 

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