Adam Smith: The Bar Manager Turned Life Coach

Season 3, Episode 35,  Nov 29, 2021, 09:50 AM

Welcome to Over The Influence, Series 3!

We're Sharon, Freddie and Ben, three normal people who decided to give up alcohol to see how our lives would change. We're not medical experts but we are expert ex-drinkers, and our podcast brings people together who are on their own alcohol-free journeys by celebrating just how wonderful life without booze can be!

In this episode we chat to Adam Smith from Yorkshire, a former bar manager who hit rock bottom and decided to change his life, and is now a successful life coach.

Adam is an ordinary bloke with an extraordinary story - and in this episode we do talk about how things got so bad for him that he wanted to take his own life to be free of the pain that he felt (please note that there are links to support resources below if you're affected by anything you hear in this episode).

The scariest thing about Adam's story is that a series of misfortunes and tragedies lead him on a a slippery slope to the point where he felt like suicide was the only option, and we talk about how alcohol played a huge part in his deteriorating mental health at this stage in his life.

But Adam is also a shining example of how things can turn around, with the right mindset and the right support - he now wants to share his story in the hope that he can inspire others who may be in a similar place to where he was.

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