Together for the Holidays with Appreciation

Season 1, Episode 22,   Dec 01, 2021, 09:00 AM

Mags and Dad are back in the studio in Georgia and a bit delirious with lack of sleep and coffee.

Show Notes:
01:40   Redeye flights always seem like a good idea...
03:30   Memorable airport pickups.
08:03   Ryan Reynolds cracks Dad up.
08:50   And back to the airport in less than 24 hours – delirious!
10:59   Mags’ question to Dan – what’s up with your thumb?
12:51   Windy in Bismark.
14:40   Listener question from Jake – “Have you seen Hamilton?”
19:47   Theater and our family.
22:20   Listener question from Kendra – “What places would you recommend visiting?”
26:52   Appreciation time!
27:20   Is your shirt on backwards, Dad?
29:47   Listener question from Raphael – “Who do you go to for guidance?”
36:19   Mags pranking her dad!
38:35   Keeping your inner child alive!

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