Ian Metcalfe: The Commonwealth Games in Birmingham

Season 2, Episode 11,  Dec 03, 2021, 05:57 PM

Ian Metcalfe (1976) is the Chair of Commonwealth Games England and in this conversation talks about what an international event like next year's Commonwealth Games in Birmingham does for a city like ours.

Ian is a proud Brummie, and came back to the city straight after university. He is a solicitor by training and had a hugely successful career with international law firm Wragge & Co (retiring as a managing partner), but sport has always been his passion - one which was very much developed when he was on the sports fields at KES.

Ian has always been an active part of KES life, and is now a governor for our independent schools and an ambassador for the AP100 campaign. He is passionate about the school's future and Birmingham as a city, and wants to see both thrive for generations to come.

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