Elle Swann, 12.5.21 - How to Become a Mermaid. Delightful.

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One of a kind - Magical. Intro to beings on the Astral plane who would dearly appreciate humans expanding their awareness to acknowledge the presence of others who assist in taking care of the planet.

Metaphysics, UFO and paranormal elements are part of the story.

Elle Swann had fish friends as a child. She eventually learned to connect with them and through them to the Merfolk.

In connecting with her fish, it is clear the fish responded. She shares the story of one fish who appeared on the astral realm -- to inform her of his departure -- in order to spare the added trauma of finding him deceased when she returned home.

He used gentle wording and said, "I need to go now." Indeed - he had died.   

The stories Elle shares about her fish will highlight how different it can be when one sees the individuality of character and emotions that can be expressed by a fish - even to the point of one taking on an illness to provide relief for Elle when she was sick. Page 27.

Opening doors and windows to different realms - Elle followed her heart and discovered friends among the elementals who are helping her share the message of how important it is to step forward to make your own connections and to help protect the water and other nature elements here and now.

The bonus in this connection is a feeling the Merfolk and elementals are making their presence known as an invitation to explore and learn about these other realms and the wonder, playfulness and joy that entails.

How to Become a Mermaid: Embodying the Elemental Energy of Water. Amazon.

Summary - edited: Anyone can become a mermaid. To do so, you must develop the vibration of water in your energy field and learn to perceive as mermaids do. In this how-to guide, Elyrria Swann shares her personal experiences, beginning at age 10, with astral mermaids, water spirits, and other magical creatures and offers wisdom and practical lessons from the watery kingdom to reveal the path to becoming a mermaid.

Connect with Elle: The Sedona Mermaid

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