Myrian Galler, 12.12.21 - Amayah. Pt 1. The Beings. An Introduction

Dec 09, 2021, 08:07 PM

Ascension means raising the frequency of your Being to match your actual Luminous Essence's frequency while living a Human existence. It's about becoming a complete human Being. - Amayah

Labels. There are several that might apply: Contactee, Experiencer, Multiple NDEs. Unfortunately, the label is a poor substitute for the story. It simply hints to the fact there is a lot going on here.

This is a two part conversation with Myrian Gallar - AKA Amayah.
I let her tell the story of Amayah in this first part. She also introduces the Beings and speaks to the information she has been given that sometimes creates a challenge when the message relates to the political scene and isn't popular.

She shares some of the experiences she has had with her healing abilities. One doctor was less than thrilled after the client he sent to her was so impressed she didn't want to go back to him.

Part two is next. About Myrian and how she got started and what it is like to work with the Beings.

I will post the information she is sending me on my Talking to Nightlights blog.

About Amayah: I am Amayah. Here you will find the story of an amazing being that became trapped in the cycle of incarnation on Earth. I hope that my experiences inspire you to discover your story.

Myrian's website.