Life of Hauntings | The Grave Talks Preview

Episode 251,  Jan 06, 07:55 PM

It was a dark and stormy night… The stereotypical intro to almost any childhood ghost story. Except on the dark night were about to talk about, there was a real ghost story. A ghost story that happed in front young girls, innocently playing out side, looking off in the distance under the streetlight. Only to see a person standing there, but something was off. Something didn’t seem right about the period of dress this person happened to be wearing. Could this figure possibly be something other than a living human? Could they be seeing a ghost? That’s where it all starts for Beth Darlington.

    • What is Beth’s goal when she takes on a home investigation?
    • Has there ever been a home investigation where Beth felt that whatever was in a house, was too much for her to take on?
    • How does Beth handle an investigation where it turns out the “haunting” is simply a mental health issue?
    • How do mental health professionals handle it when someone legitimacy is having a haunting, but the claims sound like a mental health problem?

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