Science of The Dead | The Grave Talks Preview

Episode 251,  Jan 13, 10:00 AM

When your hero passes on to the other side, it can be heartbreaking. If you only had one more day, one more hour, one more second to say what you wanted to. It could make the whole thing a little easier to bear. However, that’s not always how it goes. When you’re a child, you’re still learning what is possible and impossible. So, it all that “impossible” when you see your deceased hero walking around the downstairs entry to your home? That’s where it all started for Jon Kozuska, as we hear his story, today on The Grave Talks

    • What happened when Jon investigated Sanden BC?

    • What happened when Jon came across a demonic spirit?

    • How does Jon feel about returning to a location with the Catholic church, that he knows is demonic?

    • What has Jon learned in his years of investigation that he would like to tell his younger self?

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